Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Chasm in Humanity - A lesson learned in personality.

As I await the morn’ I take note in the conversation taking place between two gentlemen in the next bunk over. I hear the voices speaking fleshly tongued of the opposite gender in a crude fashion. I rise. I leave the room for a morning routine, bathing in both water and elaborations of pontifications. I wonder to myself what am I to due when faced with the crude humor of my roommates. I remain silent. Going about my business of a new day. Waiting for the clock to attain a number above holiness. My silence goes noticed in deafening tones.

Alone at last as I trek down the hillside towards the morning meal. To my surprise I am greeted by one of my roommates and asks me how I am doing.

Something about myself and levels or friendship. I was once told the levels of developing a friendship. Level 1 is to develop playfulness, all relationships start with an initial attraction to laughter. Level 2 is a reaction to Level 1 in developing an initial trust. Level 2 allows for Level 3 in creating a deeper sense of trust in which we can begin to keep one another accountable for minor things. Level 4 is a deeper sense of accountability in which we allow ourselves to confess our fears, faults, failures, struggles, achievements, and joys with another. My problem is I tend to skip Level 1. Other people’s problem is that they never go to Level 2. Feel alone much?

When asked how I was doing I responded to his Level 1 question with a Level 3 answer, a place to deep for his comfort. Often I find it sad that people are afraid to go deep with one another. And frankly it creates a chasm in humanity. Mainly because our playful brothers and sisters, whom fear allowing themselves to know or be known by someone are unable to relate to our brothers and sisters, the few of us there are, who don’t know how to be playful. The chasm of humanity is sometimes solely seeking to build a bridge to meet playfulness and initial trustworthiness. Though for the Level 3 people, we are often alone in creating our bridge of balance.

It would appear to be a pretty serious issue. Learning how to do a complete role reversal in ourselves. How do we as Level 3 initiators combat our person to become a person who can adequately commune with Level 1 initiators? Maybe the key of bridging the gap is to lot allow ourselves to be too serious. To be playful often seems to be childish. I think we are creating a chasm because we don’t allow ourselves to be childlike. I would say that it is detrimental to take ourselves too seriously and if something seems childish I would say to do it anyways. Maybe even it is it just for the sake of remembering what it is to be a Child.

Another way to bridge the gap is to allow other people to talk about their most favorite subject, themselves. With authenticity, engage in a conversation in where you shut up and get to know someone for who THEY are. Allow them to speak and talk about whom they are. This may help the playful people to want to trust you and meet you at Level 2. Bridge the gap, though when it starts it may have to be by you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Training time has been super incredible. There are some amazing people that have been selected to be here on staff this summer. I am super stoked to watch how we grow in unity over the summer.

Gotta run! More training time!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday June 12, 2010


This week has been super crazy epic. The leadership staff have been planning and researching materials for 16 bible teachings we will do during resident camps. We have also been writing a story on the parable of the lost sheep, with an added twist... it's based on a Native American tribe called Makuala (our Indian Village camp name). Featured characters are Sakima, the Shepherd, Wanikiya, Shepherd's son and our rebellious sheep, Hastiin (he gets tired of sheep life and wants to be a llama... ok not really).

Starting tomorrow our summer staff will be joining us on the mountain and summer staff training will begin, week after that we will have indian village training!! then after that we have our first official camp :)

Prayer: Please be praying that our leadership staff continues to grow in unity. We also ask that you would pray that God would stretch and grow us as leaders. We pray for difficult kids and rough weeks because it is in those times that we experience growth. We also pray for the Spirit to lead us in how to better love one another and the kids that come up here. We recognize that camp isn't about the staff but ultimately Christ being made alive in the lives of children but we also recognize our need to be fed spiritually. Unity in community.

Thank you for your prayers!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Day 1 of Alpine. safe and sound. The kids don't show up for 2 weeks. I will just be in staff training and planing until then!!

My goal for this blog is to get at least 2 posts up a week. We are running around camp pretty much from wake up at 5:30am till bed time at say 11:30... Coffee will be needed :)

Please start praying for the kids who will be coming up! also for a sense of peace for the staffers. We really wont get much of a chance to deal with life dealing with the lives of 130 kids every week so pray for moments in which all of us can find rest and peace in the green pastures.

Thank you for supporting me in fulfilling my dreams!!

Much Love!